Palworld Pure Quartz Location Map

Pure Quartz is a critical component for any players looking to advance their technology and crafting capabilities in the mid to late game of Palworld.

Specifically, Pure Quartz is essential for crafting Circuit Boards, which are a key ingredient in constructing the Sphere Assembly Line II.

Pure Quartz Locations in Palworld

Pure Quartz can be found in the cold regions in Palworld, the areas that are covered in snow.

There are several locations in Palworld that spawn Pure Quartz, but some are level 40+ zones which are dangerous to travel to in mid game.

Here’s a Pure Quartz location that is suitable for level 30-39 players:

How to Get Pure Quartz

To get pure quartz, you need to go to the northeastern regions of the map, specifically on the snowy mountainous terrain.

Here is a map showing the location of the Pure Quartz circled in red:

You can find it to the northwestern side of the level 40 boss Sibelyx.

Gear for Farming Pure Quartz

Pure Quartz spawn in locations that require cold-resistant gears in order to not take cold damage.

So be sure to equip the highest level cold-resistant gears before going there.

Also remember to bring refined metal pickaxes to mine it effectively, and a few pals that increases your carrying capacity to bring back as much Pure Quartz as possible.

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