Cattiva Not Mining Ore in Palworld

If you have progressed far enough in Palworld, you will reach a point where ore becomes the bottleneck resource for crafting various items.

You might have tried to use Cattiva to mine ore automatically by assigning it to the ore.

Cattiva in Palworld

Cattiva in Palworld

Cattiva Not Mining Ore

However, you will quickly discover that Cattiva will not mine the ore.

Why does Cattiva refuse to mine ore?

This because in Palworld, ore mining requires at least level 2 mining skill, and Cattiva only has level 1 mining skill.

In order to mine ore automatically, you need a pal with level 2 mining skill, such as Dumud.

Dumud Mining Ore

Dumud Mining Ore

How to Get Dumud

There are two ways to get Dumud in early to mid game:

You can either try your luck at hatching eggs, or catch them in the wild.

Where can you find Dumud in the wild?

Here is a map of Dumud spawn locations in Paldeck:

Palworld Dumud Location

Palworld Dumud Location

Beware of Digtoise

You might also discover other pals with mining skill, one of them being Digtoise (mining level 3).

However, Digtoise will only deal 1 damage to ore, which is not very efficient. This is likely a bug and will be fixed in future updates.

Now you know why Cattiva is not mining ore in Palworld. Go catch some Dumuds and start mining ore automatically!