Palworld Automatic Ore Mining

Mining Ore in Palworld can be a tedious task. You have to mine the ore manually with a pickaxe, and then carry it back to the chest.

However, there is a way to automate this process and mine ore automatically, involving using a pal called Dumud.

In this guide I will show you how to mine ore automatically in Palworld.

Mining Ore Automatically with Dumud

You can get a Dumud pal by hatching eggs or catching them in the wild.

Where can you find Dumud in the wild?

Here is where you can find Dumud in the wild from the map in Paldeck:

Palworld Dumud Location

Palworld Dumud Location

It is to the northwest of the starting island.

Once you get one Dumud, you can use it to mine ores automatically, as it has level 2 mining skill.

Just throw the Dumud into the ore (press F to pick up and throw) and it will mine the ore automatically.

Here’s screenshot of 3 Dumuds mining ore in my mining base:

Palworld Dumuds Mining Ore

Palworld Dumuds Mining Ore

Mining Base

Also consider building a primitive furnace and chest near the ore location so that you can smelt the ore and store it in the chest.

This way you can leave your ores in the base and get ingots later.

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