Palworld Early Leveling Tips

How to level up fast in Palworld and reach level 25 quickly?

Level 25 in Palworld

Here are some tips to help you level up faster in the early game.

Tip 1: Catch 10 Pals of the Same Kind

It was hinted in the tutorial that you should catch 10 pals but players may not think much of it. However, this is actually a very important tip.

The later duplicate pals you catch will be give much higher experience points and help you level up faster.

This works even for the first few kinds of pals you catch.

Here is an example of the experience points you get from catching a Cattiva:

The 7th catch of Cattiva gives 605 bonus EXP:

7th Cattiva Catch

7th Cattiva Catch

The 10th catch of Cattiva gives 639 bonus EXP:

10th Cattiva Catch

10th Cattiva Catch

These are massive EXP boosts compared to just catching or killing different kinds of pals. So be sure to catch 10 pals of the same kind to level up faster.

Tip 2: Incubate Eggs

You can incubate eggs to hatch new pals that you have never caught before. This gives a massive EXP boost.

Incubate Eggs and Level Up

Incubate Eggs and Level Up

You need to unlock the egg incubator first by spending Ancient Technology points. You can get Ancient Technology points by defeating area bosses such as the level 11 Chillet.

You can find eggs on edges of the cliffs.

That’s it for this Palworld early leveling guide. Hope you found it useful!